Artist Statement

In my practice I research relationships within communities, surveying the social and cultural identity in relation to place. Multi-layered stories and topics are conveyed by means of hybrid installations including the location and community participation as a primary element. These works are a public platform for marginalized groups; they provide an opportunity to share points of view and individual world experience. Through collaborations and the resulting artworks I aspire to stimulate dialogue and increase understanding within our society.

Socially Engaged, New Media Art & Digital Storytelling
Public Art
Photography & Video production
Workshop facilitation

What's happening: Inside Out

The Artist in Residence comprised of 'listenings', making signs, creating the arts trail and taking portraits has been a huge success with over 50 Adults and 30+ youth/kids directly engaged in the project. 23 signs have been installed to date with even more to be added later this month.

 Inside Out breaks through a prejudiced perception of people based on their locality and reveals how the effected persons perceive themselves.
Residents booked a private 'listening' and decided on a affirmative word that is exhibited in the form of a 'name sign' on their house. These have accumulated in an discovery arts trail.
A portrait of each participant will be included in a project record in the form of a book that will be presented at the national launch of Inside Out at #Artlands, Saturday 29 October.


Duke Albada has exhibited extensively in Australia,Europe and the USA since 1998. She has showcased her garbage fashion Dregs2Diva in New York, had a 6 channelvideo artwork featured at the Byron Bay Aiport, was a finalist at theprestigious Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, exhibited several timesat Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney and had two collaborative artworks includedin the Thessaloniki Biennale.

Duke's unique skill set includes a Masters ofFine Arts from Monash University, Melbourne, a Bachelor Degree inArchitectural Design from the Rietveld Art Academy in the Netherlands, as wellas qualifications in photography, video production and fashion design.


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